Tree Study 25, In Black and White

Tree Study 25, in Black and White

Tree Study 25, in Black and White

This tree sits on a ridge near Chisbury, in Wiltshire, to the south of the hill fort there. The tree is very attractive to my camera, and I have telephoto and wide-angle shots of it in all seasons, the branches bare or shimmering with young spring leaves.

Today, I went for a trip around the lanes at lunch-time, as, from a photography perspective, any bright day in winter needs to be grabbed; there will, after all, be plenty more rainy grey days, before March.

With the cloud structure present — a kind of grey mackerel sky beneath an even higher layer of cirrus — a wide-angle photo was called for. I had brought with me my old Vivitar 19-35mm lens. It’s not stellar, but how much sharpness do you need when the everything is going to end up tiny and far away…

On returning home, and loading the photos into Lightroom, this photo was as nice as I expected. I could also see that a black and white version would work even better.

So there was some button clicking, some slider sliding, some contrast and brightness jiggery-pokery, and hey presto….

[This pic was subsequently on Flickr Explore for 17 Dec 13]

Focusing in on the Tree


After days of grey cold, I thought the sunlight might bring out the wildlife and illuminate objects and landscapes for me to photograph. Oddly, it didn’t – although I am tired and suffering a mild cold, so perhaps my heart wasn’t in it.

I did have my bag of lenses with me, as always, and in that bag is a Lensbaby Composer. Now, I saw a large piece of agricultural machinery spraying a crop, and I thought this might make a good subject for a tilt/shift style photograph. However, the vehicle turned away from the line of the road and soon disappeared over a ridge. I was out of the car by now, so I had a look around. I was standing under and near trees, and these, in the golden late afternoon sun, did arrest me. So, I thought I’d try some Lensbaby experiments on them. This photograph is one such experiment. There are others at my Flickr page. I particularly liked the colours in this one, and this aspect ratio (5:2).


One thing I’ve been playing a lot with recently is different aspect ratios: 2:1, 4:1, 5:1, 5:2, 16:9. By playing – being creative – with crops at these ratios, I’m finding that different interpretations open up in photographs I was already happy with. Sometimes, playing with the crops at these aspect ratios can enable me to find interesting photographs in those I was previously unhappy with.