Plainly, a Surprise Plane on the Plain

As usual, Lizzie and I went to the Plain today to see what we could see. We packed crisps and a flask of tea, and I stuffed my bag full of lenses, and put the lenses into Foxy and headed off. Twelve miles later I realised I had left my own camera behind!

Urk alors! So we drove around the byways for 20 minutes, then were about to return home when Lizzie noticed a biplane in a field by the side of the byway. How lovely!

Kindly, Lizzie lent me her camera (because I had left my camera at home, we had already placed a Minolta 100-200mm lens and a Kenko 1.4x teleconverter on her camera for any bird-related excitements). Just in time, as the plane was away and airborne! It was surprising how little field was needed before the plane lifted off. And then it was up, up away towards North Wiltshire…

When I arrived home, I checked the CAA GINFO database and discovered the plane was a De Havilland Tiger Moth (DH82A).