Focusing in on the Tree


After days of grey cold, I thought the sunlight might bring out the wildlife and illuminate objects and landscapes for me to photograph. Oddly, it didn’t – although I am tired and suffering a mild cold, so perhaps my heart wasn’t in it.

I did have my bag of lenses with me, as always, and in that bag is a Lensbaby Composer. Now, I saw a large piece of agricultural machinery spraying a crop, and I thought this might make a good subject for a tilt/shift style photograph. However, the vehicle turned away from the line of the road and soon disappeared over a ridge. I was out of the car by now, so I had a look around. I was standing under and near trees, and these, in the golden late afternoon sun, did arrest me. So, I thought I’d try some Lensbaby experiments on them. This photograph is one such experiment. There are others at my Flickr page. I particularly liked the colours in this one, and this aspect ratio (5:2).


One thing I’ve been playing a lot with recently is different aspect ratios: 2:1, 4:1, 5:1, 5:2, 16:9. By playing – being creative – with crops at these ratios, I’m finding that different interpretations open up in photographs I was already happy with. Sometimes, playing with the crops at these aspect ratios can enable me to find interesting photographs in those I was previously unhappy with.