Apres Le Deluge

So, I was on Flickr Explore. This means that, for once, a photo — which would normally increase its viewership slowly, as I don’t join many groups, nor have many contacts — had more than twenty views in one day. In fact, it was being viewed about once a minute at the peak. By the end of its day on Explore, Forked Tree Study 1 had been viewed 2,249 times.

On the same day as I added Forked Tree Study 1, I also added Forked Tree Study 2 and 3. They were taken from slightly different positions — to provide different perspectives and different groupings of trees —  and with different lenses. Interesting, then, that Study 1 intrigued somebody enough at Flickr to add it to Explore. From my own point of view, the shapes are good, and the colours arresting, but I’m not sure I don’t personally prefer Forked  Tree Study 3.

Here’s Forked Tree Study 2; this was taken on the Sony A850 using , I think, the Soligor 75-210 AF (on which, sadly, the autofocus screw has now, I believe,  broken):

Forked Tree Study 2

Forked Tree Study 2

Here’s Forked Tree Study 3; this was taken on the Sony A850 using a Minolta 50mm f1.7 lens:

Forked Tree Study 3

Forked Tree Study 3


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